5 Tips For a Better Personal Finance


Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


The first thing that people think of when the topic of managing one’s personal finance is bought to a conversation is that you must sacrifice a lot of fun things for such small results, and as we’ll discuss in this post it’s not the case at all. If you really want something real bad, in this case, financial independence, you will do what in your power to get it.

so what’s are these tips that can help you reach that big goal ?

#1 Write down your weekly expenses

As simple as this tip sounds, it will have a major influence on a big part of your financial management decision making. I know you are now imagining a complex way to accomplish what is supposed to be easy. we will take the thinking of your way and provide you with two simple ways to keep your expenses on the check which you can choose from.

  • Notebook: grab a pen and a ruler and divide the notebook into a teen-columns table, you can choose between landscape and portrait layouts, personally I prefer portrait, less work, and a big picture of what my spendings were.

    after that you have to choose the expenses categories you wanna keep on check daily, for me they were seven categories (e.g. Rent and Bills, Food, Groceries, Utilities, Transportation, clothes, and Entertainment) as shown in the picture bellow


  • Printed Sheet: with these, it’s less work and you can focus on the actual expenses tracking as shown in the picture bellow


#2 Cooking at home is cheaper and healthier

The 1st tip if done properly it will show that a not-so-small chunk of money has been spent on eat-outs that in most cases are not necessary and can be replaced with home-cooked food that is healthier. don’t get me wrong, I don’t say we kiss goodbye eating out, which is neither possible nor necessary. and to the contrary to what you might think, cooking at home would make eating out a special and enjoyable experience.

And a bonus to all that is the time factor, when you cook your food you can manage to cook more portions which will save you money (dah it’s obvious) and more importantly is time. when I started cooking a tried cooking at night two portions, dinner, and launch for the next day.

usually, when I get back from work at 12 PM I would make a snack to calm my hanger because I have only two hours to get back to work. but when I started cooking two portions I would have time to take a 30mins nap, yes to read right, I even make time for a nap and a healthy launch.

In summery of what been said :

  • Home-cooked food is cheaper;
  • Home-cooked food is healthier;
  • Home-cooked food is time efficient ;

#3 Buy good quality Clothing

If there is one area I encourage spending a reasonable amount of money on yearly, it would be good quality clothing. because you see that cheap clothes wear off faster with washes. and the process of buying new clothes is kinda time-consuming. add to that the quality of the material is not comfortable.

on the other hand, good quality clothing is made of better materials and that makes the form last longer and it’s comfortable of course. and that’s it for the time consumption of if.

But for the money side of it, I will just say “Buy cheap, buy twice”, sometimes you want to save a little bit of money by buying a lower quality clothing, and you end up with a full closed of clothes that you don’t wear.

#4 Walking is the Best Transportation

Hear me out, I know this sounds a little extreme but I’m about to explain. if you get back to Tip #1 you’ll notice that transportation has an effect on you weekly, monthly, and more important yearly spending.

if you live in a not-so-big a city as I am you have to choice from three transportation types :

  1. Public transport

    in my case the bus and only bus, because we don’t have tram or subway, and I’ve tried it, it sucks, I have to be there 30 minutes early, and if I’m lucky I’ll catch the bus and take an other 30 minutes sweaty drive to work. so if your case is different and the bus system is decent, I guess a bus is still a liable option

  2. Taxi

    if you choose this one then you better have access to a bank safe or something, other than the easy drive and time-efficient sides of it, boy oh boy, you’ll have to build a side hustle just to cover your taxi. don’t get me wrong sometimes you have to take a cab, but what I’m saying just don’t make it a habit.

  3. Bicycle / Walking.

    This option has two benefits, one it’s free, and the more important one is it’s a workout

#5 Buy in Bulk / Promotions

When it comes to things that I consume daily, I try to always buy them in bulk quantities. consumables like vegetables, cooking stuff, and cleaning products. And whenever my eyes catch a good promotion in the stuff mentioned earlier I take it

Bonus tip

Always make a list before going to the supermarket or the grocery store, because as humans we tend to overspend, and that is not what are we trying to do here. at least before it became second nature


All the stuff said earlier are said to give us the ability to spend our money on the things that matter the most (i.e taking care of the close ones ), or spend some quality time with friends and share good memories .