7 things to look for before buying your first used car in 2021


Table of Content

  • Introduction
  • What is your budget ?
  • Buy a secondhand car.
  • Choosing the proper color.
  • Interior material.
  • Parts availability.
  • Bring an expert.
  • Ask for the car’s maintenance log.
  • Conclusion.


Buying the first car is exciting and stressful at the same time because you don’t know that much about what makes a good car, and especially a used one. So to find a good deal there is a lot of things to take in consideration, and that is what this post is about. We’ll help you gain the necessary knowledge that would make the decision somehow easier and based on facts.

I know, You might be wondering what we’re gonna bring to the table in this post that is not already posted elsewhere, what we can tell you is that the post you are about to read is written with the consultant of a mechanic/electrician with 20+ years of experience, this means the information you’ll find here is as legit as it gets. we’ll link the consultant’s website (1) in the links section.

1. What is your budget ?


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Setting a budget will narrow you options, and would make the picking of the right car a lot easier, because you’ll be looking for bang for your buck.

There are many things to consider here, for example, you have to decide what brand and model you want, alongside the color and the car mileage (how many miles/kilometers the car has worked), the lower the mileage and nicer the color is the costly the car will be.

If you want to get a general idea about the price there are many websites just for this, and depending on your country, if you are in the US (2) is a good website that gives you the option to shop by brand or car type.

2. Buy a secondhand car.


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In the search process, it is recommended to look for a secondhand car, in other words, the owner bought it brand new and years later he decided to sell it. And you’d ask, what makes a secondhand used car better than used cars in general, we’ll list just a few characteristics :

  • when the owner buys that car brand new, he/she will take good care of that car, this means changing her oils in time, she’ll be treated well, from driving to cleaning the body and interior when dirt or dust starts to buildup.
  • you’ll most likely find the original breaks still in good conditions.
  • while she was under the warranty, doing repairs on her is usually done by the dealership service. and this makes tracking the maintenance record much easier thanks to the maintenance log.

3 choose the proper car color

3.1 Color and the weather.

Choosing your car color depends on your taste alongside the weather in your city. for example, If you like the black color but you live in a city that has a very hot summer, you might want to reconsider your color choice to something lighter, because dark colors will make the car hotter and also will diminish quickly. on the other hand, if you go with a lighter color the car will stay somewhat cooler and the color will last longer.

3.2 Color and the paint cost.

Not all men are created equal, so are paint jobs. The cost of repainting a car or repairing a scratch will differ a lot depending on the color of the car.

4 Interior material

The most important aspects to consider when It comes to picking the proper interior material for your car are

  • A. an interior material that would not cause any problems if your city is known for its hot summers. take leather, if you sit in your car for even 15mins and it’s hot, it’s guaranteed that your back will get sweaty.
  • B. you have to choose a material that is easy to clean when washing the car.

5 Parts availability


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After doing all the above you have to check the availability of the parts of the car you want to buy. You don’t want to drive a car that when the time comes and it breaks down, and you take it to the car repair shop and get slapped in the face with a big repair estimation. And to avoid falling into this trap, first, you need to check the availability of the mechanical parts (i.e engine parts), body parts (i.e bumpers, mirrors Taillights), and Electrical and computing components (i.e Engine Control Unit ECU).

And you can check for the car’s parts availability either by asking a mechanic who is specialized in the brand you wanna buy or just by observing the streets, if you noticed that your car’s brand and model are well known between people, then it’s a good sign that you won’t find problems when it comes to finding parts for it.

6 Bring an expert

When I visit my brother in his shop, He sometimes talks about what makes a good used car from the brand to the type of ECU. so this makes him advise when people try to find a good used car really helpful. I recall him helping my uncle deciding which car to buy a few years back, and all the above tips are a summary of what 20 years of experience fixing cars thought him.

It is recommended that a mechanic or an electrician goes with you when you wanna check the car you like, so he can give you his opinion about the car’s condition.

7 Ask for the car’s maintenance log


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Picking a second-hand car gives you the benefit of knowing the car’s maintenance history thanks to the maintenance log.

This means that knowing when changing the oil or transmission fluid due dates very precise, and also if the engine chain/belt have been changed this means the car is in a good condition.


it is good to read online and ask about what makes a good used car because doing your own research will make finding the best deal a lot easy. And also you can always give good advice to someone who is in your shoes.

This post was about just some of the important steps to follow before you buy your next used car. If you found this post useful feel free to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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