The Definite List Of The 3 Best eBook Reader Apps For Smartphone And Web That Would Make You Read More


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No one can argue that reading physical copies of books is the best reading experience, but In today’s society, we can’t always have the privilege of sitting and getting a long session of reading. This is why if we want to read as many books as we can, it’s best to diversify our means of reading.

And that’s when E-reading comes into play. many of us find ourselves waiting for the doctor’s appointment while reading the useless coffee table magazines, or worst looking pointlessly in the doctor’s office waiting room average paintings. And that ladies and gentlemen is a good opportunity for us to read, but you might say, “but I can’t bring my book with me it’s too big”. Then don’t worry as long as you want to use that precious time for continuing that interesting novel you started but can’t find the time to finish, we got you covered.

In this post we’ll give you our best 3 free ebooks apps, these apps are reader for epub ebooks, reader for Mobi ebooks, and also a web browser extension reader for epub and mobi.

Before we start I have to mention for the non-tech-savvy readers, that ebooks comes in two different formats, one is epub, and the other is mobi. This simply means that when you open your computer or smartphone files manager app, you’ll find the ebook’s extension (the last part after the book name) either a .epub or .mobi.

Now that we cleared things out, let’s find out what best ebook readers for android are .

1. iReader (for Android and IOS)

If you saw the ebook reader app on your friend’s iPhone, and you want something similar to it for your Android smartphone. This app has all that you are looking for, and more. it’s one of the best ebook readers for Android, if not the best on all devices.


First, to install the app, download iReader (a.k.a, best ebook readers for android) through this link . And below you’ll find the steps necessary to import your first local ebook.

a. go to the Bookshelf section


b. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner


c. touch select the Import local files option


d. the app will scan your phone for any epub or mobi files and show them under the smart import option, check the book you want to read.


e. last select the Add to shelf button,and you’ll find your book in the Bookshelf.



Here are the top 3 features that made us say that it’s the best ebook readers for Android:

a. Low-light reading mode (night mode)

this feature is so important because our reading time is usually at night. they really thought about the long-term impact of the reader fixing his eyes on the screen when there is little light in the environment. And believe me when I say that some nights when I had insomnia and decided to read for 4 o 5 hours straight. I noticed no eyes itching or strain.

iReader’s night mode has an easy-on-eyes colors scheme, which makes reading strain free, add to that a bigger font which would make the reader’s experience much enjoyable.

The following photos show the difference between the night and normal modes :

  • Night Mode


  • Normal Mode


b. Customization

in terms of customization, I will include the most useful customization you can do, which would make your reading experience as enjoyable as it can be.

First to access the customization settings, you can accomplish that by pressing on the middle of the book page and a bottom drawer is shown.


As you can see in the photo above, A is **for turning night mode on, while B** is our door to access the different customizations.

  • Font size customization

If you prefer a bigger font you can change the size of the writing to whatever size you find readable. and the photos below would guide you through the steps to do that.

By pressing on the B button above a group of options is shown. A in the photo below is for increasing or decreasing the font size.


  • Font Styles customization

You can change the font (e.g, Open Sans to Roboto) as shown in the photo above by pressing on D

  • background (page) customization

Finally, you can also change the book’s background color, or page color, alongside the font’s color that matches the background of your choice. the steps are pretty straightforward as shown in the photo above. by pressing on B, you will the page color, and by pressing C you can change the text formating.

You must know that because iReader is a reader for epub and a reader for mobi, you can do the same customizations for both ebook types.

c. Reading Progress

This feature is very helpful, especially if you have multiple ebooks in the iReader’s Bookshelf, in which you can see your progress indicated with a progress bar that gets filled when you read more pages.

The feature can be turned on through the app’s settings, under the Reading Settings’s section, switch on the “Continue where I stopped before”. or as shown in the screenshots below:

First press on the “Mine” button in the bottom right corner of the app


Then press on the little gearbox icon in the upper right corner.


Finally toggle the “Continue where I stopped before” on.


Now your progress will show in the Bookshelf section.

2.Ebooks on the Web

Reading on your phone is a time-saving method, but whatever the app you are using is, still you are reading on a small screen device. unless you have access to and iPad or a Samsung galaxy Tab, your eyes would probably strain.

That’s why we recommend using one of the following browser extensions to read on a much bigger screen, hence long-term healthy reading.

There something worth mentioning, when it comes to ebooks readers extensions, you must know that there is a reader for epub extension and another reader for mobi.

A. Firefox

  • Reader for epub ebooks

This extension has the possibility of changing the page’s margins, and also the page’s color. To install and use do the following:


  1. Visit the Firefox add-ons store link , and click add extension then a popup will appear and confirm by clicking Add;


  1. Open the Epub Reader extension by locating it in the Toolbar, and click on it.


  1. Click on the folder icon in the middle, then locate your downloaded epub ebook.



  1. Open the EpubReader’s settings, move the mouse to the bottom right, then click on the gearbox icon.


  1. Check the User Defined checkbox and head to the color picker.


  1. est voilà, the page’s color has changed.


  • Reader for mobi ebooks

The same process goes for the reader for mobi extension, the only difference is the extension itself.


You can find the installation button through the following link , we’ll go through every step of the installation and also some customizations you can do.

  1. Install the extension by pressing the Add to Firefox button,


Then confirm by clicking the Add button in the dialog bellow.


  1. Then open the extension by clicking on the extension’s icon in the top bar


  1. After that you’ll be greeted with a simple interface, that contains a browse button so you can locate and open the mobi ebook.


  1. last but not least, your ebook is open and ready for you to read.



The customization is pretty straightforward, you can change the font size alongside the font itself, and also which mode you would like to read in white, sepia, and dark modes.

  1. Font Customization: A buttons are for changing the font, and B buttons are for changing the text size.
  2. Layout Customization: by clicking on one of the C buttons you either narrow or widen the paragraphs, D buttons will change the vertical line spacing of lines.
  3. Reading mode: you can choose between three modes, dark for low light reading, sepia for a yellow background, and light for a light-up background.

B. Google Chrome

For chrome, there are two extensions that we would recommend, one is a free epub reader, and the other is a reader for mobi.

On a side note, It would be of great use if there was an extension that can do both, reads epub and mobi ebooks, and do that beautifully. But until that time we’ll use what we have.

  • Reader for epub ebooks


To install the reader for epub extension, you’ll find the extension’s page through this Link , or by searching for the epub reader in the google chrome extensions store. The extension we are looking for is the one in the screenshot bellow.


Then you need to confirm by clicking on Add extension in the dialog box as shown bellow


You can get access to the extension by opening the extensions drawer, and then clicking on the EPUB READER icon.


After that you need to locate the epub ebook on your computer.



This reader gives the user the possibility to change the font size and also changing the reading mode, in which you can choose between three modes, White for a white background, Sepia for a yellowish background, and Night for a dark background with a light text.


  • Reader for mobi ebooks


The reader for mobi extension is the same extension we covered in the Firefox mobi reader section, the only difference is the installation link, which you can find through the following Link .



The customization screenshots can be found in the Firefox reader for mobi section.

3. Amazon Kindle

Reading local ebooks in Amazon Kindle is a little tricky to start with, but believe me when I tell you that the reading experience is worth it.

Amazon Kindle for Android

First, you can get the free kindle app from either google’s Play Store, just search for Amazon Kindle in the search bar, or you can access the Play Store’s web app through this link , and if your Android smartphone is logged in with the same Google account you are using in your browser, once you hit that install button it would start installing on your Android smartphone, it’s magic right.

I have to mention that Amazon Kindle only supports mobi ebooks, so if you have just epub ebooks, this app is not for you.

Now that the app is installed, I will take you through the process of opening the mobi ebook.

A. Signing in to Kindle and copying mobi ebooks to the app’s installation folder.

In order for our locale mobi ebooks to show in the Library section of kindle, first, we need to sign in with an Amazon account.


Now that we are done with signing in, we need to locate the mobi ebooks in the Phone file manager and copy them to

Storage/internal storage/Android/data/


In the screenshot above you can see that I copied, Rand Ayn’s Atlas shrugged, it’s a book we talked about in part two of the 7 best self-improvement books, to the location mentioned earlier.

The book appeared in the Library section of Kindle app.


B. Amazon Kindle’s reading experience

For the reading experience, Kindle has a set of features that make reading very customizable to everyone’s liking. Here is a sum-up of how to customize Amazon Kindle.

You can access the customization settings by touching the middle of the screen and then through the “Aa” icon.

You can change the font and increase or decrease the font size under the Font settings, also you can change the page color, white, sepia, green, and dark. as you you can also change the margin and spacing of the book’s paragraphs under the Layout settings.

  • Accessing the customization settings

To access the customization settings touch the “Aa” icon, this will give you access to the different customization available in Amazon Kindle.


  • Font Customization

There are two things you can do, one is changing the font, in other words, the way words are printed on your screen or the writing style. The other is increasing the font size or decreasing it.


  • Layout Settings

Under these settings, you can change the Page Color, in which you have the choice of four colors, White, Sepia, Green, or Black.

You can also change the Margins for the paragraphs, which can be small, medium, or big margins. Under the Margins section, the Spacing section, which is similar to Margins only it applies spacing to the between of paragraph lines.


Amazon Kindle for iPhone (iOS)

We are terribly sorry, because we don’t have access to an iPhone so that we’ll try Kindle, and give our readers the process of getting Kindle to open locale mobi ebooks.

All we can do at the moment is providing you with the link by which you can install the app and also a screenshot so that you install the right app, not some other scam app.



Here is a recap of what we said with some links:


diversifying the way we read books is the best way to read more books than the traditional way of reading paper books. And if you are looking for what to read for this summer we recommend you start with our list of 7 best self-help books part one and part two .